Time to Udforske!

Have you guessed what udforske means yet? 

Come on take a little guess!

Alright, the translation is 'explore' and that's exactly what I did the other day with Sidd.

The day started out nice and early with brunch at Kalaset. Apparently one of the best places to have brunch in the city according to Guide to Copenhagen so we had to test it out ourselves!

When you arrive you are greeted by this lovely outdoors signage that takes you downstairs to where the restaurant is.


The interior is incredibly old school and "hygge" in Danish, which is the huge IT word meaning cosy. 

A brief background of what the restaurant is all about is on the first page of the menu, which I loved. It's such a good way to tell a story and really get a good feeling for the atmosphere.

To start we ordered a cheeky chilli hot chocolate, which we seriously enjoyed!

We then ordered to share the big brunch plate and the famous blueberry pancakes.

It was almost a duty to use Sidd's photos as he got the food photography spot on. 

Food photography at it's very best!

After brunch we walked over to the University of Copenhagen, Botanical Gardens, which is absolutely beautiful!

The crystal glass architecture gives it such a sophisticated feeling.

And the inside is just so lively and green. My favourite.

I felt just at home!

It's incredibly fascinating the amount of plants that they conserve in this huge garden with the crazy difference in temperature between indoors and outdoors. 

I highly recommend a visit if you're missing the humidity and want a bit of a chlorophyll hit to brighten up your day.

Definitely did for me.

We then walked over to Statens Museum for Kunst, which translates to the National Gallery of Denmark.

Absolutely huge and gorgeous building filled with a lot of Danish art. Couldn't wait to familiarise myself with the Danish art scene.


The building has mix of old and new architecture as a few years ago the government added a new section to the museum so it's a mix of both worlds and I think it works well.

We started off in the modern part of the museum and wandered around.

Loved these pieces as they reminded me a bit of Diego Riveras art style.

This one to me really made me look twice. I think it's the mixture of the colour and the shapes but I loved it. It also has a bit of a dark side to it without it being too grim, which makes me appreciate it more. Love love love the colours.

Overall a beautiful day exploring and soaking up Danish culture!

Can't wait to show you more!