Infectious Happiness

Hey you! So it's officially been two weeks since I've moved to Copenhagen. But wait, you might be thinking, how did you end up there? I was offered an internship as a design intern! After jumping up and down from excitement, I grabbed the chance immediately.

Not only are the Danes apparently the worlds happiest people but the design here is on another level. I seriously respect Scandinavian and minimalist design so what better way to learn from the pros? Definitely joining (trying to) the club.

Before arriving I set off a started writing a list of things to-do, places to go and places to eat (very important one) in this new city. This list has now become incredibly long but as I'll be here for the next six months I have high hopes that I'll finish crossing them all off! 

To begin the ticking off I cycled over to the famous art museum, Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek with my lovely friend, Clem.


The Glyptotek is a personal collection of art from Carl Jacobsen, who is the son of the founder of the Carlsberg Breweries (hence the name).

Once you enter you are greeted by an incredible jungle like dome.


The incredible height of the dome mixed with the amount of light that comes through the windows creates a really unique space.

Clem having lived in Copenhagen a lot longer than me and knowing her stuff in the art world brought me over to the legendary piece by Rodin.

Behold, The Kiss!


Having been inspired by the Rodin's masterpiece we decided to go into the new French Painting movement exhibition.

The architecture of the actual museum was something else. I'm a sucker for great natural light so I was very happy when I saw this space.


After spending a good pair of hours being immersed with the legends of the French Art movement we thought the exhibition was lovely and a lot better than what we expected to see. From Gauguin to Degas to van Gogh we were blown away with the beautiful collection.

If you're in town I highly recommend paying it a visit. 

Knowing that that was only a fraction of the entire museum I am sure to return soon.

I'm really excited to bring you along to this next adventure part of my life so stick around. This list is not getting any shorter!

Sending you happy Monday vibes from the happiest place in the world!

Vi ses (see you soon in Danish)