This week I had the chance to go to my first ever CreativeMornings talk. It was awesome!

Incase you don't know what that is, CreativeMornings is a breakfast lecture series for the creative community all over the world. Basically a TED talk type gathering but in a more informal creative environment. 

Being new to this community I had to do a little research on this fantastic idea of gathering creative people together so please enjoy a little bit of background. It started in 2008 founded by Tina Roth Eisenberg who is a designer in NYC. She got the inspiration from attending a lot of conferences that for her felt elitist and so she wanted to create an accessible free of charge gathering that celebrated local communities and voila the idea of CreativeMornings was born. It has now opened in a total of 106 cities worldwide and will keep on growing!

So back to today's session. It was located at the French Embassy here in Copenhagen and wow, it was beautiful! Walking in I felt like a complete royal in the 18th century. 

Every talk has a theme and this months theme was climate. Here Mikkel, the host of the event, was giving us an introduction to this months speakers. 

The speakers that gave the talk are two best friends, Esben and Solfinn, that started their own sustainable local food business. The goal of Rødder is to focus on good local ingredients and natural wines. They offer food for both individuals and businesses but also help to disseminate knowledge of local products and producers that they personally work with.

Before the talk they had given us a taster of local boiled eggs, sourghdough bread, homemade bacon, coffee and water. I cheekily didn't snap any photos of this - sorry, bad blogger! But I have a lovely photo from the CreativeMornings Copenhagen Instagram page where you can see the delicious food.

They're starting to get known for their one night only pop up events that have a signature motto of having on long communal table. Their reason for this is that they want it to be an informal setting that people feel comfortable talking to the person next to them they don't know. They're pop up events are now being hosted in different parts of Scandinavia so if you're interested in finding out more click on here!

The talk was great. I respect their mindset and their ethos of running a business on a local produce level, which from what they spoke in their talk can be quite a challenge. It's now made me more aware of what to buy in the supermarkets as it really does make a difference from a freshness and sustainable perspective.

Had to tell this to both of them and snap a picture with these guys!

If you're interested in watching the talk I am quite sure that it was being recorded and will be up live on the CreativeMornings website very soon so keep your eyes peeled on either this blog post or their website.

Until next month CreativeMornings CPH!