Last Saturday I had a treat booked in my calendar.

I went off to the Opera!

At work a group of friends and I arranged to go to a concert where half the Orchestra were kids and the other half were professionals. It sounded like a great show and after hearing various comments about the architecture and the acoustics I couldn't wait to experience it all. 

It overlooks over to the city center and to the Queens castle, which is called Amalienborg in Danish. Even on a cloudy day I was shocked to how beautiful the scenery was.

The Opera House here has a history and caused a bit of a controversy, which you can read more about on here.

The interior design was beautiful. I loved the placement of the lights and how it created an optical movement without being disruptive to the eye.

The acoustics were amazing and the orchestra was incredibly well prepared. I used to play the violin when I was in school so I got a bit nostalgic. 

The determination and professionalism the students had was just amazing to see. They played five pieces and as I'm not a huge classical music expert I only recognised one! It was the finale and it was absolutely incredibly well played, Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake piece. I definitely had goosebumps at the end of the show.

After the concert finished the group of us had a bit of a wander around outside of the auditorium. The architecture to me was interesting to look but to be completely honest with you, it didn't amaze me.

The big shiny light balls to me were a bit too flashy for the ambiance in person but I think photographed really well on camera! 

And finally, the mandatory group shot after the wonderful show!

I really enjoyed the concert and would definitely recommend dropping the Opera a visit if you're in town. 

More to come on the Copenhagen Maria adventures!