Feeling Juicy

I have a lot of juicy healthy goodness for you to get stuck on!

If you know me, I get a little carried away with anything related to health trends. After staying in Singapore for two months I felt a strong presence of a healthy trend growing in the tropical island. 

After doing my research on who's who and where's what I was drawn into HIC'Juice not only because their juice cleanses sound absolutely delicious and nutritious but because I had read on their Instagram that they had recently opened a Lifestyle Pop Up Store (!!!).

From my extensive research this to me seemed like an absolute novelty. So I straight away wrote on my to-do list to go and pop in and that's what I'm about to share with you today!

Let's see what it's all about shall we?!


As I walked in I knew this store was most definitely up my street. I mean come on, kale chips and a fridge full of freshly pressed juice to greet you on the way in? Yes please!


I read their store "mission statement" and it was pretty straight up. This lifestyle store isn't about trying to push people to just buy their juices, it's a space where they're bringing a carefully curated mix of different lifestyle brands from food to literature to active wear that all embrace in telling a different story but end up having the same moral of embracing a balanced healthy lifestyle. 

Now let me take you through the store!

Welcome to HIC Market Place!


Thought these were pretty cute for a little present!


And lastly, the master fridge filled with all their juices.


Naturally I had to try as many as I could so I got my self a six-pack of freshly squeezed goodness!

I arrived home smiling from ear to ear ready to devour them.


These are the six beauties I got. All of them were absolutely delicious but I had a soft spot for the Coffee Nut Milk and the Green Genie - flavours and combinations that I had never tried till now!

What flavours do you think you'd enjoy?


If you're in town I'd highly recommend dropping a visit to this pop up store! If you just want to have some juice I got some great news - they deliver! 

But most importantly try to remember that this lifestyle isn't all about just drinking green juice, it's about finding a balance with everything. Baby steps go way further than drastic overnight changes. 

Happy healthy vibes to you!