Hello! You might be thinking, "hmm... something looks a bit different?" Well you're right! MariasGrid got a little upgrade!

The reason for this rejuvenation is for you!! I want you to have the best experience whilst being on MariasGrid. There will be a few tweaks here and there during the coming weeks - just a couple of little details.

The other day I crossed over the road from The Interlace with mother dearest to Gillman Barracks, which for those of you who don't know it is a contemporary arts cluster in Singapore that is located on 6.4 hectares of tropical green goodness! 

The buildings around the greenness are screaming with history as this location used to be a former military camp. If you're ever around and want to impress your date here's a little fun fact! The name Gillman Barracks was named after General Sir Webb Gillman, a well-known British army officer at the time. 


We had a little wander down the streets in the afternoons golden hour.


By the time we got there we realised most if not all exhibitions were closed. Feeling a little gutted we decided to keep wandering and try to soak up all the outdoor art and architecture Gillman Barracks had to offer us.

The winner of the outdoor art was this incredible house mural. It fit right in with the tropical ambiance.


I'd want incorporate this idea to my future house! Keep that in mind future self!


Regardless of not being able to see any of the exhibitions mother and I did feel like we got a good mixture of beautiful architecture, outdoor art and fresh green chlorophyll. Sometimes you have to make the most of what you have in the moment to see the little details.

If you're interested in checking out the art scene inside the beautiful buildings have a look through on their website. It's a perfect little get away to clear your mind!