Little Gem

There are officially 10 days left till Christmas Day. Where has this year gone?!

As we're in full swing in festive spirit, I have a little surprise treat for a few of you!

If you know me you'll know that I am huge advocate of Bikram yoga. I don't like to preach or force anything onto anyone but I do love to share my passions. When I started seeing and feeling the power of this yoga I immediately wanted to get as many people involved so they could also experience the same high I had.

But first here's a bit of background: Make no mistake. It is toasty in there! The practice consists of 26 postures and two breathing exercises in a 40.6 degree room. The reason for the room being so hot is to prevent injury and to help drive a deeper stretch while your muscles are warm. In other words if you didn't know you could sweat in areas you never thought were possible, you're about to discover something new. Bikram yoga is known to benefit your overall health, toning your muscles and aid in weight loss.

I've been practising for four years now and since moving into The Interlace, life got easier for my commute to my beloved Bikram studio because of a little gem...


The Interlace shuttle bus!


This bad boy is super efficient and picks you up every half hour at the main entrance of The Interlace and drops you off at HarbourFront MRT station in a speedy 10 minutes. The bus not only makes life easier for yoga but for making plans in Vivo CitySentosa or anywhere really in Singapore as both the Circle Line and the North East Line are just a footstep away!


I take this trip almost everyday while being in Singapore.


By now I'm sure you can guess where the surprise is heading... And you're right and so is the timing!


As there are 10 days left for Christmas I think it's a perfect moment to counter balance all the cheeky Christmas treats we've all been indulging on. Bikram Yoga Harbourfront is the amazing studio I safely call my second home. It's filled with fantastic people teaching with passion and love.


If you would like to join in on the 10 day challenge for Christmas I’ve got a 20% off discount for all The Interlace residences. Just flash your (The) Interlace card to the lovely ladies at reception and you're set!


If you're not an (The) Interlace resident please don't let that stop you from joining in this challenge! Let's all get moving. 10 days to eating that delicious Turkey while feeling incredible. What more could you ask for Christmas?