Gerhard Richter is hands down one of my favourite artists out there. His art is the kind I dream about having in my future living room - big, inspiring and refreshing. I first saw his Panorama work at the Tate Modern with my dad in 2011 and we've been fans ever since. If you're not familiar with Gerhard Richter here's a quick mini recap of him: German visual artist that is considered to be one of the leading pioneers in the New European painting that has increasingly emerged in the 20th century.

The other day as I was scrolling through Instagram and found out that he was having a solo exhibition at the Marian Goodman Gallery. After a bit of Google Mapping I put this at the top of my weekend to-do list. I invited all my birthday brunchies and naturally ended up going with my design besties, Mary and Charlie.


The works we saw were his latest art pieces all based on the idea of deconstructing a photograph of his own abstract oil on canvas from 1990.

His work process explained well on the Marian Goodman website explain that Richter "divides the work’s surface into two vertical sections, then halves those halves, and so on, subjecting them repeatedly to a premeditated procedure he described simply as ‘dividing, mirroring, repeating’." He then gathers a large amount of vertical sections of his work and repositions the colours to his desire.

The outcome is absolutely mesmerising.


And the scale of his work is jaw dropping. This piece is 10 metres long.


By naming these unique works ‘Strip’ paintings, Richter is referring not to those lines, but both to the minuscule vertical strips they represent of their source and to the sense of physically ‘stripping’ – taking apart and dismantling his original painting. He not only reinvents a new piece of art but completely abstracts his original abstraction piece.


What better way to spend a Saturday afternoon your two best friends?


If you have the chance to hop over to the gallery I seriously recommend the trip. It's hypnotising.

Happy days!