Day 214

Day 214 of this year has definitely been my favourite so far! And for that very reason, I want to share it with you today.

It all started in Mission Viejo, California. When we visited my great aunt (Grandad’s sister) that lives there.

Please say hello to the incredible Tia Emma (Aunt)!


The day started off with some delicious organic cereal from Trader Joes (my one true love along with WholeFoods, can’t help but love both of them. Dangerous love triangle) topped with fresh blueberries from the biggest box I have ever seen.

Look at the size of that!


My brother was jetting off home that day, which meant my mom was driving him to LAX. This immediately had me set off a bright light bulbthat spoke to the voice in my head asking, why don’t we take advantage that we’re driving to LAX and make a wonderful day out if it filled with culture, art and food?! Best combination ever.

I then proposed the plan to mother dearest.

She said yes!

Walking around the house with a little more bounce I quickly showered and got ready to tackle the glorious day that was ahead of us.

Saying goodbye for now to Tia Emma we set off to the airport. The drive over to LAX was filled with singing and jokey chat.

We wished my broski a safe flight and said we’d see him in a few days.

It was time for the escapade to kick off with my one true partner in crime, my beautiful mother! She cranked up the engine whilst I set up Google Maps. The dynamic duo was ready for action.

We whizzed through LA traffic and arrived at our beautiful destination:

Los Angeles County Museum of Art - LACMA for short.


LACMA is the largest art museum in the West of the US with a gigantic collection of over 120,000 objects dating from antiquity to the present, encompassing the geographic world and nearly the entire history of art.

This museum had been on my bucket list since I read about James Turrell’s Ganzfeld light exhibition that was there showing earlier in the year. The exhibition was over when we visited however there’s a permanent installation by Turrell that is a glance into what his full show is all about.

Once we arrived we were greeted by the famous Urban Light sculptures sculpture piece by Chris Burden. We instantly pulled out the camera and our huge smiles!


This art space has been an on going LACMA piece since 2008.


And whilst we were there I couldn't help but unleash my inner yogi to rock a couple of postures in this beautiful space!

All time favourite pose, backward bend.


But after a while we needed to have a shot of the both of us!

Currently my favourite photo.


After our photo shoot, we went over to the ticket office and reserved a spot at Turrels installation.

We explored the first building that we came across and looked briefly at some art.


But as we were (ahem, myself) anxiously waiting to go to the Turrell exhibition we decided to embrace our inner keen beanness and wait until it was our turn to go in.

In the mean time, we sat down and read all about the other exhibitions and got a good grounding as to what to see next.


Around five minutes later we were called into the room where we were given some very sexy shoes to wear inside the room.

Working our inner foot model-ness.


When we stepped foot in the room, the walls were white and the wall we were facing was the light that gradually kept changing colour. The room was on a downwards angle along with having curved walls that made it hard to estimate how big the room actually was. Once we stepped into the bright white light both my mother and I felt like it was like stepping into heaven! Truly magical.

The duration of each visit lasts 10 minute however once you’re there time really does slow down in a strange sense and you start to appreciate the different reactions you get from the colour changes from the light.

Sadly we weren't allowed to take photos inside the space so I cheekily had to take a snap from the outside of the room to show you how it looked like!


After having had a breathtaking experience we continued exploring LACMA and its beautiful architecture.


Sucha beauty!


We then decided to step into some incredibly huge spaces with really interesting curved shaped sculptures.


And some of us decided to play peekaboo!


As we were in the kiddy spirit the next art piece was perfect for us hyper gals.


But as the hyperness died down, our stomachs began to rumble.

It was time to hit the road again and go find our gem of a restaurant.

Cafe Gratitude on Melrose Avenue.

I had heard and read about this restaurant for ages due to my love for health food.

I was so excited once we arrived! We both couldn't stop smiling.


The main idea of this restaurant is to celebrate everything in life in the best way and to produce 100% organic vegan dishes that honor the earth and ourselves, as we are one and the same.

This is a part of their mission statement that I LOVE:

"Our food is prepared with love. We invite you to step inside and enjoy being someone that chooses: loving your life, adoring yourself, accepting the world, being generous and grateful every day, and experiencing being provided for. Have fun and enjoy being nourished."

How amazing can a mission statement get?!

After having read the menu three times we were ready to order.


Mother hadn't tried Kambucha so we ordered a glass of that each.


We then ordered two main dishes.

A quinoa pasta bake bowl.


Absolutely delicious filled with only goodness.


Aaaaaand a Detox Kale Salad that was just beyond this world.


Trust me on this one, we those fresh green goodies were like heaven in our mouths.


After having had the best mom and daughter talk we were ready to order a chocolate 'milkshake' as dessert for the long trip ahead!

Having said goodbye to the lovely waiters I took one last snap of this little piece of heaven.

Processed with VSCOcam with 8 preset

If you happen to have a chance to go to LA soon I seriously cannot recommend enough LACMA and Cafe Gratitude.

Throughout the whole day I felt a pure feeling of happiness. I think it's always great to reflect and reflecting back, this day was golden. When you realise you've had a chance to live a golden day it's best to hold it tight and have it saved with you forever.

I am grateful for having the chance to experience this day with my best friend and having the chance to share it now with you.

Your turn! What are you grateful for?