Gliding Through Interlace

Today I want to take you on a tour and show you a magical place I am lucky to call home.

Nope it’s not Disney Land but it does have that resort-like feel you get whilst being at there. I’d say that this place is a cross between a holiday destination and being in an Inception dream (you’ll understand why in a few minutes!).

It inspires me on a different manner every time I visit but we’ll get into that in a bit.

It’s an amazing apartment that recently opened up. Having lived in it for a couple of weeks now, I thought you deserved an insiders guide through my perspective. It had to be more original than a walking tour so I buried through my old stuff at home and got out my bad ass roller blades. I skated a lot during high school but that’s another story for another day.


Whilst I tie my shoelaces, let me ask you, are you ready for your tour?


Lets start exploring The Interlace! 


This is where it all starts. The main entrance shows you an outline of what the building is going to show off to you with a  minimalist branding.

The map can be a bit confusing…


But lets not worry about that and gowander!


The Interlace was open for sale in 2009 and was completedin 2013. The designer behind this building is German Architect, Ole Scheeren partner of OMA that is a group with leading architects around the world.

The architecture really does take your breath away.


It has in total 1,040 units that vary from one bedroom studios to three story house apartments and covers 170,000 m² of gross floor area.

The open spaces this place has is what really makes me love it as much as I do. 


And who wouldn’t like a little spa area for when you need to be rejuvenated?


Dipping into the jacuzzi is always a good idea!


Like I said, it is a bit of a resort.


But the extraordinary spark about Interlace is that it doesn’t feel packed like most resorts/apartments.


The spaces are divided into an incredible manner that make you feel like you’re the only one that’s in the Inception dream.

But lets spin our token and realise we’re in reality.

I wonder what the Pandas are up to!

Race you there?


Found them!


These Pandas are super friendly. They are by a contemporary French artist called Julien Marinetti.

A little art around the flats never hurt anyone! Plus I think their pose is very calming.


But after a while of catching up with them it was time to skate on.


As the sun set, I caught the last rays soaking in Interlace in all its glory.


In Singapore, this place has different types of nick-names. My favourites are Jenga, Lego gone wrong and building blocks.


The Interlace has gotten both positive and negative feedback on an architecture perspective from the public. I believe this is because it has never really been seen/done anywhere else before. The newness of the design scares people and makes them think that it won’t work. Some say that the Feng Shui is completely wrong but I don’t feel that when I’m there. I think it shows an incredibly futuristic way of designing peoples homes. Showing uniqueness instead of just the standard tall building. This to me seems more genius than crazy and it takes a risk taker to go forward through his vision and implement it into reality. So hats off to Mr. Scheeren for creating something like this.


Interlace gives off three main characteristics core values to me:





Most tour guides wouldn’t give you a challenge but today I dare you to incorporate these three attributes into your life to add a new dimension to it. I too try to practice these characteristics every time I am tested with a new problem whether it be in my design work or in my personal life. Interlace is a place where it inspires me to be different. A space like this bold architectural piece does a lot more positive than we can imagine.

The world needs more optimistic people to create spaces like this. 


I hope you enjoyed your tour!

Until next time,