Mercado Roma

Mercados (markets in Spanish) play a really important part in Mexican culture and Fernanda my cousin wanted to take me some place where the original term of Mercado had pushed its boundaries. Welcome to Mercado Roma. The coolest market you'll ever see.


The moment I walked out of the car and saw the signage, I knew I would love this place. Fernanda knows me well.


 The architecture was done by two famous Mexican architects called Gerardo Salinas and Michel Rojkind that are from the Rojkind Architects studio. They are the ones responsible for the personality and space Mercado Roma has today.


The branding is what struck me as fantastic. It was solid from the outside and it followed through consistently all through the inside of the Mercado. The man in charge of this was none other than Mexico's top leading designer, Ignacio Cadena. After reading more about him on this interview from DesignBoom I can safely say he's now been added to my list of favourite graphic designers.


Fernanda gave us a tour around the whole place and I couldn't stop taking snaps of each stall!

The first floor had bits that included the following:

The branding for the stall, Germina, is so minimalist yet incredibly effective. Love the typography used.


Being an ultimate cheese fanatic, this stall was definitely an eye catcher.


A juice bar (my second home)! Where I definitely ordered a freshly made green juice.


Mexican Chocolate *Heart Eyes*


A few tables for people to sit down and have a chat whilst eating/drink their good goods.


A set of stairs led us to going up stairs to a intimate second floor.


Which was filled with even more exotic stands like this spice stand that had some spices that I had never heard of in my life!


Along with a delicious salsa stand that had mouth watering tasters!


And back down to find the second set of stairs to reach the roof garden!


We found that the staircase is also doubled as an artistic chalk board to leave your mark.


We couldn't resist not to.


Once we got upstairs the view of the infamous Beirgarten was beautiful.


We quickly grabbed a spot and soaked up the hipster vibes.

But once the camera was out we couldn't resist to opt for the classic smile pose. Whoops!


Looking around the Beirgarten I spotted a beautiful detail that I thought was brilliantly done.

Etching on the walls. To make it look like tree branches.


So simple yet effective!


This Mercado is more than just a place to buy your fruits and veg. This place is for your groceries but more importantly to meet new people, grab a bite to eat and enjoying a fresh beer soaking up the atmosphere.


If you happen to be in Mexico City soon I recommend you go and pay a visit to this amazing new place. It has a range of stands that will meet everyones needs. Promise!

I enjoyed this trip socially with my family but I also learned a lot from it through enriching myself in a space that has been so carefully thought through and designed to a top standard. It not only inspires me to do better in my work but also makes me proud to see Mexico City having such an fantastic place to go and chill out for locals. I believe this was a great way to see Mexicans take on a European market style and mix it in with a little bit of Mexican flavour to give it more of a spice.

It definitely managed to have that kick.