Mayan Adventure (Part 2)

When I last left you, Scar and I were drying up from the cenote dip. We explored the little village around it until we saw that it was time to hop back on the bus to bring us to lunch. Did I mention we tried the tequila the locals made there?

Scar even got a bottle of it with our faces printed on it!


This specific tequila was sweetened with the local honey they grew in that town.

Very different to the type of tequila most of us are used to.

Once we got to lunch our minds and bodies were too busy hungry/eating/chatting with the rest of the table to whip out our cameras so I apologise for not being able to show you the delicious food we ate. However the photos up next will probably make it up for it.

Chichen Itza!


The view from every angle was phenomenal.

And as we walked around Fernando started telling us the history behind this magical place.

Here are a couple of really interesting stories he shared with us that I'll now share with you.

1. For anyone interested in the design and architecture of the pyramid, it is known that Chichen Itza represents the blend of a number of architectural styles, right from the Mexican styles to the Puuc styles. Mayans really outdid themselves!


2. It was voted one of the world's new seven wonders and since then no one is allow to climb the stairs of the Castillo anymore in order to better preserve the monument.


3. The Grupo de las Mil Columnas (Group of 1,000 Columns) is an arcade in Chichen Itza that shows the Mayan warriors that achieved something that was considered fantastic at the time then. Their faces and bodies were engraved to the stones. It comprises of a series of columns and is spread over an area of 110 sq. meters (363 sq. feet).


4. Chichen Itza also has an arena where the Mayans played their historic ball game. They used a rubber ball, about 20 inches in diameter, to play the Game, which was played on a stone "court" whose measurements varied.


The goal of the game was to pass the ball around, without having it touch your hands, and then get the ball to pass through one of the rings. Since the rings were so high and players were not allowed to use their hands, it was extremely difficult to get the ball through a ring. In fact, when a player did manage to get a ball through a ring, that usually ended the game or when the ball touched the ground.


The winners of the game were treated like Gods but then were considered to be too Holy to be alive so they were sacrificed to the gods! All in all it was a very extreme game in all senses.

After Fernando finished his speech all about the history Chichen, Scar and I had to played our tourist role well and take as many photos as we could!

Starting with the Classic Selfie Tourist Photo:


The Play On Perspective Photo:


And lastly the Classic Happy Photo:


As the first post said, this was my third time I visit Chichen Itza and every time I go I find something new that really inspires me in so many different aspects.

This will definitely not be last you see of me Mayans!

Until next time or should I say, poc-chuc! (In Mayan)