Say Hello To Rachel!

Should've introduced you to her sooner but better late than never, right?! rachel

Rach is the friend that got me my beloved birthday present. Not only is she incredibly cute/smart/awesome but we've been friends since grade three. We've grown up together. This week I knew I had to share with you this amazing challenge she pledged herself to do. Rach has always had a real passion for helping others - UWC background maybe? She's showing some incredible self discipline because she has vowed to Live Below the Line.

The cause Live Below the Line cause is explained perfectly in the video below. Well worth a watch!

If you're interested in joining the Live Below the Line challenge sign up here!

You can have a read about her progress or donate if you click here or you can check out her team page here!

I think every one taking up this challenge deserves a huge pat on the back as I am certain it is not easy however the effect it will have on others will be life changing! I am so proud of you Rachel - you're almost there.

Glad you've been properly introduced now!