Towards Pangaea

Last week my mom treated my brother & I with two tickets to TEDxLancaster. It was awesome!


We got handed one of these bad boys at the TED Village where everyone gathered to register and mingle with one another. There were stalls, nibbles and lots of games going on that broke the ice with everyone in the hut.

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This little coconut guy was one of the winning prizes from a team Pac-Man game. A group of four of us had to communicate with each other as we all had the different control moves to either go up, down, left or right. So in order for our Pac-Man to not get eaten we all had to shout and pre plan with each other to use 'left' move and so on when it was needed. It was great fun.


But now, back to the important part of the day - the incredible talks!


The main idea of the day was to see how we could become closer "Towards Pangaea".

The day consisted of 12 different speakers all from different backgrounds and areas of expertise, which gave their own perspective to the idea of towards pangaea. I enjoyed all the talks and it was incredibly motivational however there were some that I enjoyed more than others. Here are my top three speakers & why I enjoyed them:

1. Tom Nash - The Hidden Currency

Fellow Lancaster University student currently studying Software Engineering spoke about the intersection of technology, science and web connectivity with the scope of building a platform which encourages inspiration through collaboration. I had the privilege to have a fantastic talk with him after at the village speaking about how ideas are the inspiration of ways we can move forward and yet so many are lost along their routes to materialisation. This is the reason why Tom made a case in his talk for the emergence of a hidden currency - the currency of attention in his talk. Was lovely to meet you!

2. Alison Cahn - Sharing

Alison being a BAFTA winning journalist and film maker, reinvented herself as a senior manager and communications director. She spoke about the power of sharing and how co-sharing has changed her life. She really sold me the idea of how important it is to share on a personal and global way in order for us to grow as a society and build relationships.

3. Jenny Natusch - Sand Gazing

Jenny was inspirational because she has an artistic mind like me. She explained to the audience that she used to be a freelance designer of children's wear, writer and producer of the TV Show "Bare Necessities" and much much more. After being part of the "rat race" she said that she needed to slow down and get back to her creative roots. She now is a professional sand gazer. This at first was incredibly new term to me and probably to everyone in the audience. She explained that what she does for a living is stare at sand through a microscope and take photographs of it. The images she shared with us were absolutely beautiful. She left the audience with the very important message that we should all be doing something that makes us honestly happy. In her case  sand gazing does the trick. I salute you Jenny, for your amazing determination, work and talk.

I have tried to find the videos of the talks online but I am afraid that they've not been uploaded just yet - so watch this space for when I post you a little link for your chance to watch these inspirational talks.

I'd like to thank my mother as this experience wouldn't have been possible without her.

Overall, fantastic day with the brother and with inspiring like minded people. The idea of  "Towards Pangaea" can be done with a little help from each and everyone of us. I challenge you to become more concerned about others needs than yourself and I assure you that you'll achieve a much better feeling of lightness by being more selfless. Lets collaborate towards Pangaea.

PS. How cute is this cheeky TEDx cupcake?


They were delicious.