Introductions are important. In an essay. In a presentation. In life generally. I know it seems like I'm speaking the obvious but I think we should take more time out to think about them deeper. It sets the mood of whatever you're about to do/say/write and if you make a first good introduction it will make an impact and intrigued whoever your target is right in. If it's not done right it won't have a lasting impression. My dad showed me a beautifully well designed typography based website that is promoting new apartments in Tribeca, New York. This sets is a great example to a website introduction  that I've never seen before. Have a see to what I'm talking about here:

How great is the typography based introduction? Brilliant. It not only uses typography so well but it makes a really memorable presentation that I'll remember. So visually appealing yet so effective. It would make Wolfgang Weingart proud as it not only legible but it inspires me to try out and create something along those lines in the near future.

What are your thoughts?

Oh and also, thanks for the inspiration Pops!