Guttenburg & Mexico

This semester I enrolled to a new module called The Principles of Typography. It's everywhere we go and I thought it would be incredibly interesting to learn more about it and the effects it has on our society. During this term I will be posting a weekly blog post on inspiration I found online and/or what the lecture was about that week. So please feel free to think of it as a little eye candy with beautiful history involved. This first lecture focused on the main pioneer that brought typography to life. Say hello to our main innovator, Johannes Gutenberg!


This German man was the creator of the worlds first typeface, which led to creating his most famous work, the Gutenburg Bible published in 1455. He also made the first contemporary printing press, which were letter forms that were physical objects. This led to the creation of letter pressing.

The three main restrictions that the wooden press had at the time were:

1. Slow paced 2. Laborious 3. Time consuming

However at the time it was still quicker than copying a book by hand so props to Gutenburg for this revolutionary creation, which throughout the years has brought us now to revolutionary improvements!

Now for a little typography inspiration to stir some thought:

1. Got to learn the terminology


2. As I'm from Mexico, I've always been inspired by the typography style that the country has. It has so much flavour and life that really provokes a sense of happiness when I see it on the streets back home.


Tacombi is a faux Mexican vintage sign inside the NYC hip Fonda Nolita on Elizabeth Street. They really nailed the spirit of roadside taco stand typography.

3. Creating harmony with different typefaces


The wall lettering design for this Mexican restaurant really caught my eye. I love the variety that the wall exposes the clients to and how well it all works together. Shows a lot of Mexican character, which I love.

So there you have it! First post on typography history and inspiration. Many more to come during this term so if you liked this kind of read keep your eyes on this space.