Recent Craze

Jazz, jazz and more jazz. I honestly cannot get enough. I don't know what initiated this craze but I feel like I've been hiding under a rock up until now! I find that this genre is just so incredibly unique. It's all about improvisation and I feel like that's a great way to look at life. Pretty deep statement there but I feel that life is just one small improvisation after another. Of course there can be technical exceptions but I won't get on that. The point is that I believe that it's great to live life with a bit of improvisation up your sleeve.

I'm aware that the genre 'jazz' is super large but I'd love to share with you what my recent top three albums I've been listening to have been. Here's the list:

1. The Very Best Of John Coltrane album feels as though it's a time machine taking you to the beautiful years of the 1960's. He has a magical touch with the saxophone.

2. Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers album called Moanin' was a little gem I found on the plane. It has got such incredible rhythm.

3. The legend of jazz himself, Miles Davis's album Kind of Blue. So great for studying or just for just about any occasion really.


I definitely agree with Mr. Gershwin and highly recommend you to have a listen at all of the albums I mentioned. It'll give your life a bit of a spice in a very classy manner.

I still am in a process of learning more about jazz so feel free to comment your favourite artists or anything jazz related!

On the to do list: go to a live jazz bar. How great does that sound? Keep your eyes pealed. It's going to happen.