Oh snap! The End Has Come

Of my tiny teatox! Today was my last day on it and I thought I owed you somewhat of a recap of our beautiful adventure together. So if you read my earlier post, I told you some background information on the tea so feel free to read that first and then come back here to see how the show went down.

I did the 28 day teatox and broke it up into three weeks straight and then a week. Why? Because it was my birthday and ain't nobody got time for a teatox on their birthday week. I took it pretty seriously and did it three times a day everyday until my birthday week and then straight after. It honestly makes you feel great, gives you loads of energy and it decreases your sugar cravings like crazy! I didn't have that much bloating to start off with but it did reduce my tumtum more so that's a bonus! Last but not least, this little bugga also cleared up my eyes! Weird thing to comment on but usually when I'm in England I get red blotches on my eyes for some strange reason but ever since I started my Teatox my eyes have become pearly whites!

One comment I do have to make is that I didn't see it clear my skin as much as everyone on Instagram and other social medias raved about it but I pretty much have clear skin most of the time so that's probably why.

So now to the big question. Drum roll please! Would you recommend it?

Ummm... I would HIGHLY recommend it if you're wanting to start a health kick but keep in mind that you have to be consistent and plan your day around it example, having access to hot water during the day & also it is quite pricey for a tea.

Anyways, watch this space because the next health post will be about an exciting new birthday present I got last week from a lovely gal. Think green.



Ps. Happy monday!