By the start of October, two people challenged me in going on a 30 day sober challenge. I initially thought to myself, 'no way is that possible, I'm in university...' and  'wow, that honestly means social suicide as most socials consists of drinking'. I was incredibly reluctant. However, if you get to know me you'll know that I always love having some sort of challenge going on in my life whether it be physical, mental or spiritual. I decided to go for it and I went for it. Challenge completed. Here's 10 lessons I learned during the 30 days:

1. Might sound obvious because I had no cranky mornings filled with headaches but sobriety increased my productivity like crazy. My projects and to do lists have been on a roll.

2. It is possible to go to a club solo and purely just enjoy the music and the company of your friends without being drunk.

3. However, relating to #2, alcohol does help you to have a lot more energy during nights out. Solution: drink coffee instead.

4. My skin and organs have been very happy with me.

5. I was in control of every situation that I encountered.

6. Nothing was exaggerated in my head.

7. Saved up on some chaaa-ching, which meant investing on some Tiny TeaTox, which you can read about here.

8. Through the goggles of alcohol most people seem a lot more attractive than in reality. When I put on my sober goggles on, not to sound like a completely judgemental biznatch, I saw people a lot more for who they actually were when drunk. And that ladies and gentleman = creepy.

9. I could act completely insane at a club and break those sweet shapes to people that just would not care because it would just confused them.

10. I gained an incredible sense of accomplishment.

I finished the challenge this Wednesday and I haven't felt the need to drink since. However, my big 2-1 is just around the corner and I feel like I'll have more of a friendly and realistic approach to alcohol when celebrating. I want to have a solid and strong ratio of control and celebration for next weeks festivities. Do you think that's a good plan? Let me know if you've done something along the lines to this challenge. I highly recommend taking some time out from drinking and challenge yourself in some sort of way. Remember, everything with moderation!

PS. I'm happy and thankful I got challenged to do this. You know who you are.