My dad in some way or another always encouraged my brother and I to invest time in the world of the arts. Whether it be him sharing his favourite book to us and emphasises how it had an impact on him and hoping it'll have one on us, to sitting down in front of the TV and investing some quality time watching a film that he regards as art. I believe he did this to make us aware of the  power of creativity and how there exists limitless opportunities within it. Looking back now, I truly appreciate the way he incorporated this during my up bringing. It has shaped the way I respect and acknowledge anything I encounter regarding the arts. Last night I went to the Opening Gala for the 27th Leeds International Film Festival. The festival opened with Gravity, a film directed by a fellow Mexican, Alfonso Caurón. My date for the night was none other than the fantastic Noor.


*Please take note that everyone in the frame is definitely posing.

The cinema we went to was the Everyman Cinema at Leeds Trinity Mall, which only opened up this year. This cinema is famous for completely going against the status quo of the average cinema and bringing a completely better quality experience.


There are three floors to it and the whole inside design is fabulous. It's where a classy bar meets an American styled diner and an old school cinema, that's Everyman Cinema for you. The venue screams DATE MATERIAL so honestly, go with your significant other whenever you can. It is worth it.

Anyways, back to the film.


We watched the film in 3D and both Noor and I at the end commented saying that it was the first 3D movie that we both actually enjoyed watching. It wasn't too forced in the sense that they didn't "place" objects in your face every five minutes reminding you that it's in 3D, the balance was perfect. I'm a sucker for cinematography and I think this film had breathtaking scenes. I also took huge notice of the way the director used sound to draw more focus on the actual scene (you'll understand me once you watch it). Everyone has their opinion and I don't want to taint anyones so I'll just say mine in the simplest form and hopefully you'll reciprocate.

The film was remarkable.

The whole cinema gave a round of applause at the end. When was the last time that happened to you? Incredible work Alfonso and Jonás Caurón. I take my hat off to you.

Creativity is around us everywhere we look. The choice is yours though, the only meaning behind certain things is what we choose to attach to them.

Ps. Give the trailer a cheeky view here. Would love to know if you'd take your hat off  for that.