"Designers Have Superpowers"

Today was a wonderful day. Today I got the chance to go to Manchester with a great group of course friends and attend Design Manchester 2013. Incase you're wondering what that is wonder no more. It was basically a day long "TED Talk like" conference about design related issues celebrating creativity, collaboration and inclusivity in the worlds of art, design, illustration, animation and photography. The speakers that they had come in and speak to us were all incredibly inspiring in their own way.

Overall I feel immensely proud and content of what I'm investing my time studying. I believe that design has an incredible force to improve the world in countless ways and I shall continue to grow in which ever way I think is best to contribute something positive to the world.

One of my favourite talks today was by Mark Shayler. He's a eco designer that really knows his stuff when it comes to environmental packaging, products, services and services. He spoke about how everything we use is designed to be thrown away and I'm pretty sure it made the whole audience wake up and see the amount of power and change we as designers have and can make in the world for a better cause. Inspired me want to get on board with him and start looking more into that area.

Hope you are as inspired as I am and if you're not I highly recommend you going to any type of conference that relates to your area! Talk, get out, interact, be active! I'm going to end this post with a couple of quotes from the speakrs today that I thought were pretty great:

"The future is multidisciplinary" - Kate Moross

"When we do stuff, we really fucking do it" - Mark Farrow

"Design builds trust" - Nat Hunter

and my favourite, which is in the title...

"Designers have superpowers... You can either choose to be Batman or The Joker" Mark Shayler

Which one are you?

Batman all the way.