Be Satisfied

I don't know what is up lately but I've been having this itch where I've been wanting this new thing and that other must-have. To be honest with you, I don't really need. You feel me? Most of the time I ignore the voice of reasoning in my head that goes, do you actually need it? And make up a "valid" excuse for getting whatever I was getting. Is this ringing a bell in your head making you go, yup I've been there! I'm sure everyone's encountered this before. Today I want to take a step back and reflect on it.

First off, when it comes to food and splurging on quality stuff I do see it as an investment into my long term health so in my eyes that's a definite "yes Maria, go for it" moment.  However, in other categories such as cosmetics, accessories or clothes, that's another story. I went to the drug store last weekend and I got this lipstick I've been wanting to get for a while now. I said to myself that it was going to be a form of a break from my productive day walking into town (exercise, check!) and I was going to get in and get out of the store and crack back on with work.

Whilst I was at the drug store I just kept thinking "oh I could get a new mascara, I could get some new tooth paste, maybe even a new nail polish colour". But then I zoned in and refused to be in that mentality of just wanting more and more. I went there with one goal and that was it. I went to the check out counter and purchased my lipstick. On the way back home, I thought to myself, why are we never satisfied enough with what we already have? I understand that some items have a deeper meaning to people but what's been going on lately hasn't been on that level. My mascara still has a while left to go, my tooth paste is still going strong and the nail polish colour that I own makes me happy every time I use it.

My main message is that we should appreciate what we have in the moment and not want more all the time. It's good to strive for success and aim for better things in life but sometimes material objects won't fulfil that happiness. It's healthy to just take a deep breath and reflect on what you do have.

"You aren't wealthy until you have something that money can't buy" - Garth Brookes

Hope you have a great day!