One Day

If you know me, you'll know that I have a passion for making videos of all sorts. It's become a tradition of mine to make a summer video, which you can check out all on here or links above. Anyways back to the actual point of this post. Yesterday I stumbled upon this absolutely beautiful wedding video that made my heart melt. I thought I should spread the love and show it to you!

Gasp, sigh, smile. All of the above. The video has been done SO well. I'm actually inspired to make a video similar to this one for my cousin that's getting married next year and give it to her as a present! Thoughts? Also, this video got me so excited to get married! The way they look at each other!!! Yup I'm a downright romantic. Romance all the way. Anyways, share your thoughts! What do you think of the video, marriage and or, straight up life?