Do you have any websites that you go on everyday? As a graphic design student its become a habit of mine to check out the design news daily. It motivates me to keep thinking outside the box, it gets my juices flowing and in todays case, it made me laugh very hard.  I'll get onto that in a little bit. Here's a small little list of the top three sites that I pop on:

1. DesignTaxi 2. CreativeReview Blog 3. Co.Design

They are in no order of preference. They're all beloved equally by me, myself & I.

Anyways, back to the laughter. Today whilst flicking through the design news on DesignTaxi I found this brilliantly well done advert that in my opinion think is a very clever idea. Give the video a cheeky view and hopefully you'll laugh as much as I did!

What do you think? Great idea? I think we should try to reduce the amount of packaged bottled water we buy! Get yourself a snazzy cook long lasting one like my fabulous IKEA FAMILY one:


Pretty original design, don't ya think? In his and her colours!