Right Now

Do you have a phrase you tend to say a lot? Well I always say "this time last week/month/year". A part of me loves looking back and thinking about what I learnt from those experiences. It's great to reflect but this post isn't about that. This post is about acknowledging the fact that time ACTUALLY flies and that if you don't live in the moment, you're not actually living. So guess what! It's time to change that sentence and focus on the right here, right now. I'm currently a little stressed out with the amount of work I have piling on top week by week but hey, it's all about perspective. I love what I'm studying and I'm focusing on the now of it. My goals for next year are being built right now so if you're feeling a bit unmotivated, think about Ghandi's brilliant wise words: "Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever".


Keep going.