Granola Time

After making cookies on Saturday night with Mary, I decided to be a little bit more adventurous with my new oven and create some delicious granola for my flat. A friend of mine makes incredible homemade granola and I quickly got my hands on the recipe: 2 cups of oatmeal 1/2 cup of walnut 1/4 cup of honey 1/8 cup or 2 tbps of oil 1/8 cup of hot water

Put together honey, oil and water in a cup stir to dissolve. Make a well in the centre of the oats pour the liquid and mix well. Bake in the heated oven 170 for 20 minutes.

I added all the ingredients stated above and decided to add some extra superfoods in. However, I did not think twice if the tastes would work well...

My additional ingredients were:

Dried apricots Goji berries Flaxseeds Unknown seeds Nora's mom sent over (definitely healthy) Pumpkin seeds

This was the final outcome of my granola adventure! Or so I thought...


Looks quite beautiful doesn't it?


Hand modelling is the way to go.

I was so excited to try it the following morning but sadly it didn't exceed my expectations. The goji berries got completely burnt and the unknown seeds I threw in there from Nora's mom were definitely not meant for granola. I'm now sure those seeds are for savoury dishes! Regardless of it not being as incredible as my friends I still learnt a lot from this kitchen adventure and clearly now I know what I can improve on for the next granola time. Stay tuned for the comeback!