Charlies Gig

On Thursday night my friend opened up a great show for singer/songwriter Ryan Keen who is currently touring with Ed Sheeran. It was held at The Cockpit, which hosts lots live gigs all the time but oddly enough I had never got round to giving it a try. I finally did and I will definitely be back for more. I had gone to one of Carlos' gigs before and enjoyed it loads so I knew what I was getting myself into. Great company and fantastic music always puts you in the best of moods - and that's exactly what happened. Charlie opened the show with his great original songs that set the whole crowd dancing. You can check out Charlie's music on his SoundCloud & YouTube on those great links.

Rocking Out

After he played a man called Gavin James went on and I absolutely loved him! His voice was so calming and incredibly sweet, which set all the girls' hearts on fire. Check out his stuff here. My favourite of his is his song called, Remember Me.

Gavin James

And then for the main act, Ryan Keen and two band members Leroy & Henry! Ryan Keen was inspirational with his positive lyrics. I hadn't heard of any of the two bands before that night but I'm definitely a fan after this concert. Thought everyone was amazing and really wish them all the best of luck! If you're interested in Ryan Keens music, click here.

Ryan Keen & Band

Overall had a fantastic night as predicted!

When was the last time you went to a concert? Do you have any great recommendations?