Words of Advice

First week back at university and I'm already a ball of emotions: excited/exhausted/scared/nervous/enthusiastic along with many more. Regardless of my feelings, I am going to keep charging and aim high this year. That means I'll be documenting my thoughts and motivation on here to keep me going!

Today my lecturer gave us all some words of advice that might seem to some obvious but I thought they were great and straight to the point. Here they are:

Listen. Think. Critique. Play. Time. Diverse. Work. Error.

I truly think this can be placed into most careers but he purely focused on the design aspect. I really appreciated that error was on the end of the list as we sometimes forget as a society that we're all human and we all make mistakes. Those mistakes most of the time lead us to greater and bigger places and if they don't we still learn from them if we reflect on them well enough.


Now onto a little piece of research John (my lecturer) challenged us to find out. To find the name of the designers that created the transport typeface for A64 roadsign in the UK. I mean think about it, a huge number of people see these signs every single day. This typeface has a large significance in some way to millions of people. So who designed this oh so modern yet timeless typeface? Non other than Jock Kinneir and his assistant Margaret Calvert between 1957 to 1963. Is that not crazy to think that after at least 50 years this typeface is still being used without any exception? I wish in my lifetime I'll be able to say that I designed something that lasts for more than 50 years. Keep aiming high!

Peace world,